Focus Forward

If you are 16-24 years old and want to create a brighter path for your future, then Focus Forward may be the program for you!

Through intensive case management, Focus Forward Specialists work to assist young adults with their career and educational goals. The program is designed to help young adults overcome educational and occupational barriers, and each individual gets a personalized employment plan.

Focus Forward assists with:

  • Earning a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma;
  • Gaining industry-specific certifications;
  • Learning soft skills for employment success;
  • Accessing work experience opportunities; and
  • Improving economic self-sufficiency

Whether your path starts with earning your HSE, or if you already have a high school diploma, but need training to advance in a career, Brightpoint will be there to support you.


“I enjoyed working with my case manager. I felt supported while getting my HSE and my IMT certificates, and they even helped me with my job search. I am glad this program was here to help.” – Derek Williams

“I needed help getting my HSE. My case manager was there to support me… Now I am looking at college so I can become a teacher.” – Maddison