Child Care Creates New Opportunities

Megan came to Brightpoint, a single mother needing help with childcare bills. She was determined to turn her life around from a series of misfortunes including marital abuse. Megan was working and attending school, but paying for baby sitters was nearly impossible on her limited budget. Brightpoint’s Child Care Assistance was just what she needed.

“With the help of Brightpoint’s child care program I have completed my associate’s degree in computer software technology and also my bachelor’s degree in business administration,” Megan told us. “I was able to qualify for a job that has better benefits and has brought me to being almost self sufficient with my finances.”

Through Brightpoint’s assistance and the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) parents can maintain employment and complete educational goals without the overwhelming financial burden of child care costs. Brightpoint helps mothers like Megan (and fathers, too!) create brighter futures for their families.