Kolten’s Story

At eighteen years old, Kolten Reece had already had his share of personal challenges when in late 2018, his home life became unstable so he moved in with Kristen Bunn’s family. Kristen works for Covering Kids and Families of Brightpoint. Her daughter and Kolten became friends in high school.

With help from Brightpoint, Kolten got health insurance when he needed it most. Diagnosed with epilepsy, Kolten had suffered from two seizures since he was sixteen. He also needed a C-Pap machine to help him breathe while he slept and he needed surgery to move his jaw. With the health coverage, all these things were possible. “I was able to go back to the doctor and start taking my medicine again,” said Kolten.

When asked what the assistance from Brightpoint meant, Kolten said, “It means I can graduate from high school, get a diploma, and probably go to college.” At the time, he was a senior at Norwell High School with plans to go to college in the fall.

What did Kolten think about having to deal with health insurance? “Kinda stressful sometimes – but I’m glad to have help with it.”