Laura’s Story

Laura Spaulding has lived in the Wabash, Indiana area with her husband and two children for over 20 years. For many years, she was employed as a nurse in a hospital setting. In 2018, Laura became the director of 85-HOPE, a free medical clinic which provides health services for people who have nowhere else to go.

In February 2019, a certified healthcare navigator with Covering Kids and Families of Brightpoint started seeing clients at 85 HOPE. The partnership began because Laura recognized that the clinic had many patients who might qualify for state- or federally -sponsored health insurance programs, but did not know how to apply.

Laura had experience signing up for healthcare coverage herself and knew how difficult it could be. Soon she was getting help from Brightpoint, too. She said that Brightpoint reduced the stress of applying for and maintaining health coverage. She appreciates the time it saves her too. Laura and her husband both have ongoing health conditions. “It’s very stressful already to have all those health issues, and then trying to manage all the insurance… it’s just a lot to handle,” said Laura.

Many of the clients at 85 HOPE are intimidated by the process of seeking health insurance. Laura said, “they think if they don’t know the answer, it must be because they are not smart enough.” Laura assures them that this is not true since she personally knows how difficult it can be. Before she had someone at Brightpoint to help her, Laura said she always had questions and wasn’t sure she was doing it right – even with all the resources and knowledge she had available to her as a medical professional.

Laura appreciates all the training and expertise that Brightpoint staff bring to their jobs. She said, “…if they don’t know the answers, they will find the answers for you.” And for 85 HOPE clients, having an advocate like Brightpoint is crucial to getting them approved. “It can make all the difference in the world!”