Supportive Housing provides a Hand Up

Last fall, Matt Beer, Supportive Housing Coordinator, met with Wilma*, a client who was receiving assistance through the Permanent Supportive Housing program. This meeting was part of the program’s requirement for annual recertification.

Brightpoint’s Permanent Supportive Housing program provides permanent housing in connection with supportive services to help disabled homeless people and their families. Housing vouchers help pay a portion of the family’s rent.

Wilma has struggled with several ongoing health issues for many years. Through her physical struggles, she has continued to volunteer at a domestic violence shelter in her community where she was a past resident.

At the recertification meeting, Wilma said that she was able to obtain part-time employment through the Department of Labor’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). This program provides older Americans part-time work for local nonprofit agencies at minimum wage. The income earned through SCSEP does not count toward programs like Permanent Supportive Housing or Energy Assistance.

Wilma reported to Matt that she was excited to be able to contribute to a local community agency and be paid for it. And she is starting to turn the corner on her health issues. Even more, she plans to enroll at a local university in the spring of 2016 to study Information Technology all while continuing her participation in the SCSEP.

*The client’s name has been changed to protect her identity.