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Tiara’s and Ronald’s Story

At 23 years old, Tiara Green was a mother to a two-year-old son and was pregnant again. Unfortunately, by the time her second son was born, she was homeless and living in a transitional shelter. The boys’ father, Ronald Williams, had gotten in trouble and was about to be incarcerated.

While at the shelter, Tiara learned about the Family Development program at Brightpoint. In November 2017, with rental assistance, Tiara left the shelter and moved into a house with her sons. When Ronald was released from jail, he joined them at their home.

Ronald and Tiara, who are now engaged, are grateful to have a place to call home. Ronald says that Brightpoint has helped them both in many ways. “It helped my family stay together… it helped me to get on my feet the right way.” Ronald also has a son from another relationship who lived with them part time.

Tiara grew up in a two-parent household. When she left home at 18, she says her mom tried to tell her life wasn’t going to be easy, but Tiara naively thought she had it all figured out. She laughs when she thinks about it now.

Ronald says when he first met Tiara, he didn’t understand why she thought things were going to be so easy because that had not been his experience. Ronald grew up without a father and a mother who was abusing drugs. He explains, “I didn’t really have a support system coming up. I made some wrong decisions and got myself in trouble.”

Both Tiara and Ronald realize they are at pivotal points in their lives. Ronald has started his own business. he says he is in the process of changing “from that guy that was running around being crazy, to a family man, taking care of my responsibilities.”

Tiara has two jobs right now, but is planning to go to school next year to get a degree in nursing. She is adamant that things are going to change for the better and says the assistance from Brightpoint helped her grow. When she was at the shelter, she says she told Ronald, “This is it for me… I can’t come back into this place so I need to make sure I plan and prepare myself for the unexpected.”

The assistance has had a huge impact on Ronald, too. He says, “Nobody ever gave me a chance because of the way I came up. People just care about what they see as far as your record… Brightpoint gave me a chance to show that I’m more than that.”