Family Development

Family Development is a home-visitation program that helps families move from poverty to self-sufficiency. Family Development helps families use their strengths to set and accomplish goals.

What to expect
The FDSW (caseworker) and family use the Family Development questionnaire and Matrix to assess the family situation and help identify goals. The Matrix consists of 12 life areas that encompass every aspect of a family.

All families are ranked from 1 to 10 in each life area. The Family Development program is designed to help individuals improve in each of these life areas. One of the goals of the program is to move families up the scale in as many life areas as possible.

If your family finds that it has needs or desires in any of these areas, Brightpoint Family Development can help. The program offers tremendous knowledge and experience in dealing with issues in each area. After the Matrix is complete, the next step is to determine your family’s goals. (Oftentimes, families already have goals and contacted Family Development for that purpose.). Then the family and its FDSW will provide referrals, follow-up, and supportive services to help accomplish goals.

This program is completely voluntary. Families may quit the program anytime, or stay in for up to five years. Families must meet with their FDSW regularly; they can decide how often that is. But the most important thing is, families must be motivated to improve their standard of living. The harder families work while they’re in the program the more they’ll get out of it.