Lead Service Line Replacement

Do you have lead pipes supplying water to your home? If your house was built before 1981, the private service line that connects from the street to your water meter might be lead and should be assessed.

Health Effects

Lead is a toxic metal that can be harmful to your health even at low exposure levels. Young children are most vulnerable to lead exposure, and the effects can be damaging to their physical and behavioral development.

Testing and Replacement

Residents of Fort Wayne are eligible to receive free water line assessment from Brightpoint. If your private service line has lead pipes, you may qualify for reduced-cost or FREE replacement of your service line through Fort Wayne City Utilities.

Landlord Incentives

Rental properties are also eligible for Lead Service Line Replacement. Landlords can receive a $500 reduction if their tenant’s income is less than $45,000 or qualifies for assistance under affordable or subsidized housing. Landlords may also be eligible for cost reductions on additional properties following the first replacement.