A Place of Our Own

The Bright Future award honors individuals who have had success at removing the causes and conditions of poverty in their own lives by using the programs and services available through Brightpoint. This award recognizes that attitude can make all the difference. And that – no matter what assistance is available – it can take considerable effort to move from where you are towards a brighter future. Jason and Christina Snyder were nominated for this award in 2016.

Jason Snyder had served in the Air Force for eight years up until 2005 and then had a decent job at a local hospital. When he was laid off, he began looking for other jobs, but it took some time and Christina, his wife, had been unable to work due to several severe health issues.When Jason lost his job, they also lost their health insurance and the medical bills began to pile up. In 2015, Jason and Christina found themselves homeless when the home that they were buying from a relative based on a verbal agreement, was taken out from under them. In October, they bought a trailer for $60 that was on the verge of being condemned… and they worked hard to make it into a home with a little help from Brightpoint.